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The Double Dee Combo Amp

The Double Dee Combo Amp

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The Double Dee is a 6V6 based, tube rectified, push/pull amplifier.  The control consists off a volume. It was built because of our love of 50's tweed deluxes. It is based off of a 5E3 circuit. But its also based off of a D style modded tweed deluxe. So it has clean and overdriven tones that are waaaay more than just a 5E3.  It pushes around 18 watts and can hold its own over a drummer.  It is a hand built eyelet board with select components, custom made chassis, and custom Heyboer transformers. It has two inputs and an 8 ohm output. The amp is offered as a 1x12 combo. The amps and cabinets are all hand built in house.  It has more clean headroom than you would expect as well as more overall volume. So it does chicken picking to texas blues in a small size that works for bedroom, studio or stage.


  • Amplifier Class: Single-ended,  Class A, cathode biased, single channel 
  • Wattage: ~18 watts
  • Controls: 
  • Preamp tube: 12AX7 (2)
  • Output tube: 6V6 (2)
  • Rectifier tube: 5AR4 (1)
  • Circuit board: Traditional Blackface style fiberboard with eyelets
  • Transformers: Custom wound Heyboer Transformers
  • Chassis: Custom built 0.80 steel
  • Cabinet: Custom built 3/4" solid Pine(Combo)
  • Speaker: WGS G12C 75 watt 
  • Shipping weight: 32 lbs.
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