OSF - Bear's Sonic Journals: The Foxhunt features the Chieftains performing live in San Francisco in 1973 VINYL


Owsley Stanley Foundation



Celebrating 60 years of The Chieftains, the Owsley Stanley Foundation presents Bear's Sonic Journals:  The Foxhunt, The Chieftains Live in San Francisco 1973, on their first tour in the U.S., playing an unscheduled gig at Jerry Garcia's invitation.  

  • 1 LP, all-analog production, painstakingly mastered by Bear’s collaborator Paul Stubblebine directly from the original source tape.
  • Vintage performance by The Chieftains on their very first U.S. tour, recorded live by Owsley Stanley at the Boarding House on October 1, 1973.
  • 16-page media book featuring original cover art by Dublin native, Conor Campbell, calligraphy by Alembic's Mica Wickersham, previously unpublished photographs, liner notes including new interviews with Paddy Moloney, Ricky Skaggs, and legendary soundman, Brian Masterson (of Windmill Lane studios fame).