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Edwards Elusive Overdrive Amplifier

Edwards Elusive Overdrive Amplifier

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The Edwards Elusive Overdrive amplifier is the epitome of “D style” amps built from the ground up. It is a 24 watt AB push pull 6V6 based amp with tons of tone shaping options. It does great Blackface cleans and the most unbelievable overdrive tones. Go from clean to overdrive with the push of the footswitch. The controls are volume, treble, middle, bass, overdrive level, overdrive ratio, master volume and presence. It has bright, mid boost, and rock/jazz mini toggle switches on front. The back has power and standby switches, main and extension speaker output jacks, speaker impedance switch, passive effects loop, overdrive trim, footswitch bypass toggles, and 8 pin din footswitch jack. Two button footswitch has overdrive and preamp boost. Comes stock with a WGS Blackhawk AlNiCo 50 watt speaker (combo). Comes with power cord and two button foot switch.

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