Little Longhorn Tee


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For more than four decades, The Little Longhorn Saloon has served as the  center of Austin’s honky-tonk country music scene for it’s great live  music and world famous Chicken Shit Bingo!!  What happens inside is considered honky-tonk gospel and Austin’s most bonafide country acts such as James Hand, Alvin Crow, James Intveld, Weldon Henson, Mike  Stinson, The Derailers, Two Hoots and a Holler, Fingerpistol, Alan Haynes, Dallas Moore and numerous other great bands. 10+ Bands a week or over 600+ bands a year!! Check out our calendar for upcoming shows - always great music, dancers and never a cover!  Some of the best acts around town, from country, to folk, rockabilly and good ol’ rock-in-roll and blues – there’s something for everyone!!


Every Sunday we can do 4 to 8 rounds between 4:00p-8:00p

The band will announce where to line up outback (children 13 and younger go 1st and adults 91 and above go 2nd with proof of ID) Tickets are a $2.00 Donation and 1 Ticket Per Person (you must be in line) Once all the tickets are gone.  Everyone gathers around the board. The Chicken is then placed on the board and picks her number in her own chicken pickin' way.  The Chicken Shit Official calls the square and notifies the band.  The band announces the winning number and colors.  Has those winners come up to the stage to collect there Chicken Shit Winnings.  Then photo's are taken of the CSB Winners and the next round begins with a whole new set of donations and colored tickets.