Banker Hand Wound Pickups - Raw Nickel


Banker Custom Guitars

Our signature Humbucker designed in collaboration with Alex Avedissian of Avedissian Pickups. The Banker Bucker delivers on a sonic wishlist from head builder, Matt Hughes, and incorporates all the desirable elements of a vintage PAF style humbucker, with some unique upgrades that allow it to be utilized across a broad range of applications and genres. Warm, round woman tones in the neck position with loads of clarity and focus. A twangy, spanky, vintage Tele-like clean tone from the bridge transforms into roaring overdrive with harmonic overtones, and incredible definition. These pickups "hold together" under high gain much better than your typical PAF, and allow them to be used for anything country to hard rock to metal. Handwound one set at a time in Atlanta, GA.


Neck Output- 7.8k

Bridge Output- 12.8k

Rough cast Alnico 5 Magnets

Ceramic "Ear"

Plain Enamel Wire

Butyrate Bobbins

Vintage Style Braided Two-Conductor Leads

Short Leg Mounting

Mounting Hardware Included