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1. Shakin’ Hands With The Holy Ghost
2. Sanctified Woman
3. Testify
4. Good One Comin’ On
5. Six Ways To Sunday
6. Ain’t Got The Blues
7. Lucky Seven
8. Pretty Little Lie
9. Restless
10. Up In Smoke
11. Crimson Moon
12. The Whippoorwill
13. Son Of The Bourbon
14. Everybody Knows She’s Mine
15. One Horse Town
16. Lesson In A Bottle
17. Ain’t Much Left Of Me
18. Leave A Scar
19. Sleeping Dogs
20. Payback’s A Bitch
21. Up The Road
22. Shake Your Magnolia

These are 180 Gram Audio File Pressings. If you notice any skipping on any side, please adjust your tone arm setting and or anti skate weight, etc.    (according to your manufacturers specifications). 


There should be a counter weight at the far end of the tonearm. First thing to do is set the “Anti-Skate” to zero. Secondly, zero out the counterweight (basically turn the counterweight clockwise or counterclockwise until it perfectly leveled). Set the dial on the counterweight to zero. Then turn the counterweight to 1.5. If the records are still skipping, set it higher in 0.5 increments.

Don’t forget to set the Anti-Skate to the same setting as the counterweight.