OSF Bear's Sonic Journals: Tim Buckley Live at the Carousel Ballroom San Francisco, California CD

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Owsley Stanley Foundation

Bear's Sonic Journals: Tim Buckley
Live at the Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, California, June 15-16, 1968

Nearly 80 minutes of rare and magical music!
Never-before-released original compositions and rare covers
28-Page Booklet




This is the most important Tim Buckley release since Dream Letter, featuring a singular performance with a jazz-rock lineup that calls to mind Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. Buckley, father of Jeff Buckley, made his mark with his Southern California folk-rock sound and four-octave vocal range. But this rich weave of accessible, warm, improvisational music reveals Buckley in a light never before captured on tape, including two newly discovered songs (“Blues, Love" and “The Lonely Life”), early drafts of Buckley classics, and a stunning cover of Fred Neil’s “Merry-Go-Round.” Recorded by the Grateful Dead’s legendary soundman Owsley “Bear” Stanley, the infamous LSD chemist, this is one of the treasures of his Sonic Journal archive. Buckley’s performance is incredible and Bear’s thumbprint on the sonics is part of the magic!

  • Featuring nearly 80 minutes of live performances from June 15 & 16, 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.
  • This is a significant and rare addition to Tim Buckley’s musical legacy for both the performance and excellent sound quality.
  • A 28-page booklet includes original cover art by Dennis Larkins and liner notes featuring new interviews with bassist John Miller, lyricist Larry Beckett, and Buckley scholar Pat Thomas.
  • With Tim Buckley on vocals and 12-string guitar, John Miller on bass, David Friedman on vibraphone, and Carter C.C. Collins on percussion.
  • These tapes were transferred and mastered by Jeffrey Norman (Mockingbird Mastering), long-time collaborator with the Grateful Dead and Owsley Stanley.

“This is the follow-up to Dream Letter. Between the sonics and the songs, this is a major moment in Buckley land.”
Pat Thomas, Tim Buckley scholar

“A great discovery! … Even though tracks here appear elsewhere in studio albums or other concert recordings, they are not the same at all. They are reinvented. And that’s why every single [release] is worth listening to.”—Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley lyricist