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Jeff Whittington on Mar 10, '21

The hard work and long hours , being on tour more than anyone else i know have sky rocked you guys to where you today ! Have been to 5 shows. You guys never disappoint ! Keep doing what your doing. The sky is the limit for Blackberry Smoke ! Rock on Dudes !

John on Mar 2, '21

Great sound! Hope to see ya all soon in Canada. Love ya BBS

Volker on Mar 1, '21

I can’t wait

T. Clifton Nock on Feb 27, '21

really like the sound first heard them on ABB HITTIN THE NOTE CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT Bay Shore NY

Jeffrey O'Brien on Feb 26, '21

I first heard your name on Opie Hughs radio show on Sirius, Jim Florentine was a fan and you appeared on the show in the afternoon-you were at the Beacon that evening. I couldn’t get tickets that day but was hooked never since. I have all of your albums. I saw you at the stone pony a month after open heart surgery, and then I saw
You again in Nashville at the Ryman auditorium a few years ago. I’m a 63 year old lover of Blackberry Smoke and southern rock. I cannot
Wait to see you again!!!!

Maurice Gheuens on Feb 26, '21

thanks guys you light up my life, stay save y’all brothers and sisters..

Debbie on Feb 26, '21

Love the track! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Fairdinkum 🤘🦘 😺

brett morrison on Feb 26, '21

thanks guys just what we need cant wait to hear it live rock on!!!!!

Merle Morse on Feb 25, '21

Just cannot get enough of these guys! All this COVID-19 BS needs to get gone and stay gone so we can all get the Smoke in front of us again! Can’t wait for the new stuff can’t wait to catch you live again and again and again!!

Rae Hatfield on Feb 25, '21

Just preordered your new album n cannot wait to get it…you guys NEVER disappoint!!! Im in Maryland n hope to catch your next show when it comes back to Maryland. LOVE YOU BBS !!!!

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