Blackberry Smoke -

Blackberry Smoke - "LONESOME FOR A LIVIN'"

Charles TurnerJan 27, '222 comments
A few years ago Blackberry Smoke, Jamey Johnson, and George Jones recorded a version of “yesterday’s wine.” Shortly after Charlie Starr was so moved meeting George he wrote a somewhat autobiographical song for him called “Lonesome For A Livin” As much as George loved the song and although he wanted to, he never got the chance to record it as he passed away. Fast forward a few years, Blackberry Smoke and Jamey were at a show together and Charlie played him the song, they decided that night they should cut the song it together, for George. Dave Cobb loved the story so we included it on this last album, "YOU HEAR GEORGIA". We miss you possum, this one is for George! A Freedom Machine Production Director/Editor: Andy Sapp Additional Camera/Gaffer: Jamie Sapp Steel Guitar - Cowboy Eddie Long Archival footage used with permission from the George Jones estate Special Thanks to Nancy Jones.

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